cocreation with the universe

Life is so much easier when we are connected

You are here to create a better world

We are all creative souls on a mission here on earth to make a difference. Each life on earth is a miracle. You are a miracle. 

Unfortunately we live in a time with many people detached from both their souls, bodies and hearts. As a human species we have lost our compass and so many people all over the world suffer. Our condition mirrors the pain our planet is also experiencing. 

As you are drawn to this event, we believe that you are one of the changemakers that can actually make a huge difference. You may already consider yourself a LIGHTWORKER and you may have the experience that you have a clear vision, healing hands, a 6th sense, an open heart among other signs from the universe that you are divine. 

This event is for you. We are so excited to take you through our journeys of cocreation with the universe and lead you into a cocreation yourself.

Love and light

Paul & Gitte


Can you hear your future calling you? Are you aware of your own healing or psychic abilities? Are you ready to receive new leads from the universe? Are you ready to take action in bringing your life pupose in play? Are you eager to learn to play the divine game of cocreation?



Join us for an uplifting magical day in for a once in a life time experience. Bring a friend. Your inside can create your outside.

This event was held last time in Copenhagen in september 2022 and can now be hosted in your special venue by request.


“How did you feel coming into the workshop? And how did you feel leaving the workshop?”


"I felt open, curious and full of expectations and left elevated, even more heart opened and so very grateful.




I felt curious and hopeful and immediately when I entered the room iIfelt an incredible energy! And when leaving in the evening I was full of hope and faith in the future




I also felt excited because I knew in my heart that this workshop would be "food for my soul", and I have been longing for that for so long. And as I left the workshop I felt so much love and light, and so empowered, inspired and motivated to go on with my work




Ready to dig deep?

Part 1: How we co-create

Between us we have written 10 books and 8 albums of beautiful divine healing meditations and music. We will share how we co-create with the universe. 

Part 2: How you co-create

We will explore your journeys and experiences with co-creation. You might learn by listening to each other that you co-create more often than you realize. By becoming more conscious you can lift your vibration. 

Part 3: Our magical universe 

We will go deeper into how co-creation works, what is takes, what to pay attention to and how to collaborate even deepter with the universe. 

Part 4: Let's get creative

We will go deep into a meditation and together we will cocreate with the universe on a beautiful magical day in Copenhagen. We can't wait to see this day unfold and share this sacred divine timein space with you. 

Also - join us for an evening concert

Close your eyes and listen with your heart open. Let your cells dance as Paul Luftenegger sits by the piano and co+creates an evening of healing, light and love for us right there on stage. You get to witness Paul's lightprint come in play. He is never alone on stage and is inviting you to feel the presence of the universe as he opens his heart and plays and sings with the angelic choir of miracoulous souls who are eager to help Paul heal the world. You are in for a real treat. 



I loved the beautiful and relaxed loving energy in the room,- all the smiles and the heartcentered participants. AND the relaxed and easy way thst the two of you leaded it all. You seemed so perfectly aligned in your energies.




It was interaktive. Mix between musik and talks together and you telling about yourselves


- Denmark


"It was so wonderful to be with like-minded people. The concert was lifechanging. I felt like I was in Heaven surrounded with Angels and Divine Beeings, I just wanted to stay in that experience


- Norway

Let's ignite your lightprint

The heart and soul are made of light and frequency.  You can’t really see your heart and your soul but you can certainly feel both of them clearly when you stop and take a moment to feel them – and just like the fingerprint, we have a “lightprint” that is made from our individual heart and soul.  What do you do with your heart and soul?   


In creation we must always remember that everything is energy and that light and emotions vibrate.  This is the root of creation itself – what creates life surrounding us is life itself.  Hearts and souls create.  What is even more fascinating is what happens when we unite our hearts and souls together – we become Co+Creations.  We are always Creating and Co+Creating whether we realize it or not. 

We are very convinced that the time we are living on this earth right now, is the time to remember our inner technology.  Our light technology.  Our heart technology.  Our creating and co+creating technology.


Now what happens when we actively become very aware of this gift?  


What we know for sure, magical miracles will align as we unite our hearts and souls together with Universal Love. 

Are you ready? Let's find and ignite your LIGHTPRINT. 

Your teachers

Dr. Paul Luftenegger


Musical Alchemist & Reverend / Interfaith Minister

Writes, Sings, and Composes Conscious Music To Inspire Global Love & Kindness From Within – Powerful Conscious Music Always Supporting The Sacred Heart & Soul To Feel and Know Its Beauty and Divine Holy Worth From The Inside Out –Connecting To The Highest Self with Source/Universe.

Explore Dr. Paul Luftenegger's work around the world at

What is your lightprint, Paul? 

"For me, I connect to my inner light and my inner love and expand my “lightprint” out into the world through my “conscious music” that then gives someone the experience of my heart and soul “lightprint” through vibrations also known as music. The music that was once in my heart and soul is recorded to have an emotional exchange with another heart and soul who takes time to open and listen. Co+Creation then comes into manifest. The light and love expands with new creation and co+creation. As someone who has mastered this ability my goal and my intention is to be able to share the power of this with you and share with your heart and soul all that I can in this powerful workshop with Gitte!"

Gitte Winter Graugaard


An international bestselling and award-winning author of books for children full of magical meditations that help children to sleep. As a leading expert in peaceful bedtime routines she is teaching parents to help their children sleep faster, better and longer the world over. More than 40,000 families now know about their love mountain and how to fill themselves with love at bedtime, and the feedback is heart warming. 

Explore Gitte Graugaard's work around the world at

What is your lightprint, Gitte? 

"For me, I know I am in touch with my lightprint, when my fingers dance on the key board and I am writing words that flow through me from a channel high above me. Often, I read my books later, and think to my self - did I really write this? Then I know that I have co+created a book with the universe. How cool is that? It always makes me feel grateful to be part of something bigger that is guiding me to help those I am here to help. I thank the universe everyday that I get to have such a cool work place. I often think that if more people would know these techniques and could play in this invisible magical world, that I get to call work, there wold be less sadness, more light and more joy. I am dedicated to helping more lightworkers bring your light to the world. I couldn't think a better co-teacher in this quest than Paul"

Ready for a little warm up?

Join us in this conversation about co+creation with the universe.

What does it feel for clients to receive a product co+created with the universe with a deep lightprint? 

Dear Angel Paul,
I received your “Seeds of Peace” CD and I wish to thank you personally for rebirthing PEACE around the world!  Listening to your music feels like a breath of fresh air floating throughout my entire being!  I felt your heart in every note, behind every word, coming through your divine spirit of light, created to LOVE and BE-LOVED, while shining your LIGHT for the entire Universe to see and feel a pure angelic soul, which is Paul Luftenegger! 

- Terri Lynne - Westlake Village, California, USA

This book, "The Childrens Meditations In my Heart", Gitte, is not just a book. It is life inspiring choice that I feel every child should be given a chance to see. I am a mum of two beautiful girls the oldest is three. It is now that I wish to show her and fill her with the hope and magic of this world. I myself have only began to see the true magic in love in recent years but I want my children, all children to know their true power and value. This book is an amazing tool for that.

- Amazon review

LIGHTPRINT in play concert

Join us for a magical night of healing. As you listen to Dr. Paul Luftenegger's divine healing music, your cells will renew and you will feel uplifted in a very special way. Paul is here to help up reunite to bring our light to the world in a time and space when it is much needed. Your light is needed.

Come together to ignite your light - our light. 

co-creation with the universe

If anything in your heart and soul is asking you to come and participate please listen to your precious heart’s wisdom and soul calling you with love and trust it…..and have faith that the Universe has united us together to expand and experience love and light with the world and become the vessel of creation and co+creation together!