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2023 Copenhagen

We are super excited to let you know that we are hosting a new CO+CREATION workshop. Dr. Rev. Paul Luftenegger is coming back to Denmark in September 2023 and we can't wait to gather you all once again. We welcome old friends, colleagues and new friends we have yet to meet. 

Last year our Copenhagen CO+CREATION workshop became a huge success. We couldn't have imagined creating a better day for our amazing group of incredible vibrant human beings. 

The only thing we would have loved last year, was more time with you. When you gather such powerful human lights in one room there are so many conversations to have, reflections to make, creativity to let out and smiles to share. We also want to dedicate more time for you to be creative to experience the joy of co+creation and to support you in your visions.

So this year we are arranging a whole weekend for us. How exciting is that? Are you ready?

Love and light

Paul & Gitte


Paul is now in Denmark 

The world is waiting for you to unfold your full potential. Let your soul guide you. 

Let's unfold your potential in the magical forest

We know with absolute certainty, we all struggle sometimes with our creativity; what to do to make a lasting impact in our personal and professional lives to ultimately live our best life possible! 

"I know I am not unique in this struggle – in fact I welcome it because I know when I feel a little squirmy, I have learned that this is where creation truly begins and a new door always opens!" (Paul)

Here’s the thing, we are very interested in finding those magical new doors – identifying them and like you, we know these magical doors are always there ­– spaces and places hiding right inside of our hearts and souls to discover!  Almost like finding new treasure that has been hiding right inside of you all along! 

Come spend a weekend with us to discover or rediscover your creative path. We invite you to find your inner child and become playful with your creativity again. Having spent many years writing books and music we have discovered how to fuel our creativity and how to co+create with the universe. We will teach you different creative methods and lead you into your creative source in nature. 

"The less I think about the end product and my readers, the more creative I become. Being creative without thinking about the output is so powerful" (Gitte).

What can you expect?

We will help you: 

  • Find Your Diamond Light Within You
  • Create Time to Focus on Your Dreams and Making a Path For Them to Manifest
  • Explore The Portals and Doors of Your Magical Heart
  • Connect To The Source/Universe/Creator/God
  • Get New Ways to Create
  • Manifest Your Dreams and Visions
  • Learn New Creative Methods
  • Strengthen Your Spiritual Connection
  • Create Friendships with other Co+Creators
  • Turn up your self-love
  • Find the next steps on your journey. 

CO+CREATION Copenhagen 2023 

Join us for an uplifting magical weekend in a once in a life time experience. Bring a friend. Your inside can create your outside.

September 28th - Oct. 1st 2023


Ready to dig deep?


the 28th of September

Focus: Meet and Greet - let's get to know each other. 

4 pm  Check in to your rooms 

6 pm  Welcome dinner 

9 pm  Songs and meditation


the 29th of September

Focus: Self love, self kindness with special focus on uplifting our energy/vibrations. Main theme love expanding love - reaching and streaching with your heart and soul.

7 am                   Morning yoga or meditation outside

8-9 am              Breakfast 

9.30-11.30 am   Paul & Gitte on CO+Creation

12-1 pm              Lunch

1-3 pm               Let's create

4.30-5.30 pm   Present your visions

6 pm                  Dinner

9 pm                  Karma Café: Share your creativity


the 30th of September

Focus: Creativity, Creation in a group and Co+Creation with the Universe. 

7 am                  Morning yoga or meditation outside

8-9 am             Breakfast 

9.30-11.30 am   Paul & Gitte on CO+Creation

12-1 pm              Lunch

1-3 pm               Let's create

4.30-5.30 pm   Present your visions

6 pm                  Dinner

9 pm                  Karma Café: Share your creativity 


the 1st of October

Focus: Our soulful journey. Celebrating the heart and soul and your divine journey. 

7 am Morning yoga or meditation outside

8-9 am breakfast 

9.30-11.45 am Paul & Gitte on CO+Creation 

12-1 pm Lunch and good bye 

Let's hear from last years participants 

“How did you feel coming into the workshop? And how did you feel leaving the workshop?”


"I felt open, curious and full of expectations and left elevated, even more heart opened and so very grateful.




I felt curious and hopeful and immediately when I entered the room iIfelt an incredible energy! And when leaving in the evening I was full of hope and faith in the future




"It was so wonderful to be with like-minded people. The concert was lifechanging. I felt like I was in Heaven surrounded with Angels and Divine Beeings, I just wanted to stay in that experience


- Norway


I also felt excited because I knew in my heart that this workshop would be "food for my soul", and I have been longing for that for so long. And as I left the workshop I felt so much love and light, and so empowered, inspired and motivated to go on with my work



Welcome to Raadvad

The venue is a beautiful old house in a beautiful forest just north of Copenhagen. We have chosen this location because of it easy access to nature, its cozy feeling and affordability for everyone to join.

We will have the whole place to ourselves.

All meals are included in the price (vegan, gluten, vegetarian, pescetarian needs are met).

The rooms are bunkbed rooms - 5 star hostel style. We expect 2-4 people in each room. 

There are a few rooms available for those of you who wish to sleep alone at an extra cost. 

Last year was so amazing and we only had one day together. This year we get a whole 3 days together in this retreat to CO+CREATE and share meals together, talking together, and being inspired all together!

We know you will come away from this retreat with a new magical rejuvenated refreshed sense of the miracle of YOU with some POWERFUL NEW ENERGY!

Let us show you the venue

Join us in this video as we show you around the venue and invite you to come share some magical time with us. 

A letter from Paul

"This past year since being in Denmark I have travelled to Bermuda and rediscovered myself again and have found some magical treasures in nature.  While swimming in the Atlantic Ocean and while walking on my favourite meditation-walks in the mystical Bermuda Triangle, I found myself in the magical spaces of my heart and soul with God, Source, Creator.

This whole awareness has reinspired me tremendously to dive in even deeper into my creative field of potential and make a commitment to share the magical spaces of CO+CREATION through workshops. I wish to hold space to truly usher in the UNIVERSAL GIFTS OF LOVE AND INSPIRATION. I wish to honour the magical spaces that are just waiting to come to life within you!


My intention with the help of Gitte this year is all about supporting you to take some deep dives within to discover and rediscover that magical space just waiting to be found again within you. 

What I know for sure, when we bring our focus to this magical space of CREATION + CO+CREATION magic and miracles always come into focus and not just into focus but BLOOM!

Big huge hugs and blessings,

See you soon in the magical forest of CO+CREATION!


Get your tickets 

Full package 

Three nights (bunk beds)

All meals 


Sleep at home package 

All meals except dinner


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Let us know the following in your email: 

- Any wishes regarding rooms?

-Any diets? 

- Do you want to split the bill? Pay half now - and the rest before September the 20th. Let us know in an email. You will receive an invoice in an email. Your registration is completed when the invoice is paid. 

- Select the sleep at home option if you prefer to stay at a nearby hotel. 

- Do you have questions? 

Your hosts

Dr. Paul Luftenegger


Musical Alchemist & Reverend / Interfaith Minister

Writes, Sings, and Composes Conscious Music To Inspire Global Love & Kindness From Within – Powerful Conscious Music Always Supporting The Sacred Heart & Soul To Feel and Know Its Beauty and Divine Holy Worth From The Inside Out –Connecting To The Highest Self with Source/Universe.

Explore Dr. Paul Luftenegger's work around the world at Beekindness.com

Gitte Winter Graugaard


An international bestselling and award-winning author of books for children full of magical meditations that help children to sleep. As a leading expert in peaceful bedtime routines she is teaching parents to help their children sleep faster, better and longer the world over. More than 40,000 families now know about their love mountain and how to fill themselves with love at bedtime, and the feedback is heart warming. 

Explore Gitte Graugaard's work around the world at gittewintergraugaard.dk

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Since last years gathering we have been getting together in a group on Facebook. Since January Paul and Gitte have been hosting monthly gatherings online. Learn more about these gatherings and get the dates in the group.

co-creation with the universe

We can’t wait to see you. And as we well know, when you say YES to the UNIVERSE, the UNIVERSE always shows up with MAGICAL WONDERS of NEW ENERGY and VITALITY!

We can’t wait to feel the NEW ENERGY STREAMS that will be flowing from uniting together under the stars in the magical forest!